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Fitness.     Focus.     Discipline.     Respect.     Confidence.     Self Defence.     

Spirit 1 Taekwondo TM

Spirit 1 Taekwondo, led by Master Michael Tam, is unlike any other martial arts gym in Manitoba. We take pride in teaching Taekwondo sport from ages five years and up. Not only do our classes provide a great workout, but each student in our class will learn leadership skills, integrity, responsibility, respect, discipline, and focus. They will attain improved confidence in themselves over time.

2019 - The Year in Review 


Spirit 1 Taekwondo has 6 branches.
Winnipeg Headquarters,
Winnipeg Saturday, 
Winnipeg Maples
and our newest branch Fort Garry

Before signing up for a membership, we encourage you to stop in and see a class. For more information on all of our programs or to schedule your first class, call the branch instructor or email info@spirit1taekwondo.ca.

Spirit 1 Taekwondo is in alliance with Tam's Taekwondo with 6 branches. Winnipeg Sinclair, Winnipeg North Kildonan, Winnipeg St. James, Winnipeg TransconaIle-des-Chenes, Niverville

Taekwondo Alliance