Spirit 1 Taekwondo Crest


Fitness.     Focus.     Discipline.     Respect.     Confidence.     Self Defence.     

Mudo Target/Focus Mitts 

$20 Each

A great target to train students to kick with a snap. The two pieces will “clap” when hit with a sharp kick. This kicking target is made from a dense foam padding and covered with durable vinyl.

Mudo Kicking Shield Small

$48.50 each

The most technologically advanced kick pads.
The pads can be used for punching kicking, martial arts and general fitness.
Designed to prevent chest and ribs from hurt
Economical and practical

Size Medium: 17" x 11.5" x 4.5"

Mudo Rebreakable Boards

Yellow $33.50

Blue $36.00

Red $38.00

Black (out of stock)

Just slide together and start breaking. High impact molded plastic allows boards to be broken over and over again. Each sold separately.

Mudo Shoes

The right solution for beginners.
A very light shoe with good fit
grippy rubber outsole.
Short lace for better fixation on foot.


Please provide your shoe size.

Agility Rings

Place on the ground and work on footwork. Tap your toes into each ring consecutively for as little time as possible to train footwork and work on fast-twitch leg muscles. Great endurance and muscle-toning workout. Perfect training for soccer, football, basketball and practically all other sports. 17.7 inch diameter on rings.

One Ring is $5
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